Benefits of drinking coffee

It’s pretty wild to think that coffee can be good for you. Of course, not with tons of sugar added, but the raw, natural product actually has its health benefits. Who knew you’re your morning addiction could be so easily justified?!

Before you groan and think this is going to be one of those endless numbered lists of top reasons coffee is good for you, it’s not that! And remember that what impacts one person’s body won’t necessarily happen to yours. That’s where all those listicles, as they’re called, can be dangerous.

Responsible websites should use the word “can” when describing the benefits of coffee. It can help you lose weight. It can help you burn fat. It can reduce the risk of stroke. It can reduce the risk of cancer. Can, can, can.

And as a health-nut bodybuilder myself, I know without a doubt that the rest of your diet and physical activity play critical roles in those “cans” on the list.
Sure, coffee can help you burn fat but when you wolf down an extra-large pizza, it’s sort of counterproductive to the ultimate goal. Cutting out fatty and unhealthy foods is likely when you’ll see that fat burning come into play. Again, notice I use the word “likely” because there are no guarantees for positive outcomes if you don’t treat your body right.

One of the benefits I’ve noticed – and again, this is a personal story, I’m not saying it “will” happen for you – but I find that it jumpstarts my brain in the morning. It’s likely a common symptom as coffee is the favored drink for most adults to start the day. Though I wonder if people drink it solely for the caffeine to get that early-morning jolt of energy, and not the brain stimulation to prepare for a day at work or school.

Of course, we can’t overlook the negative aspects of coffee. Again, that whole sugar thing. Heaping spoonfuls of sugar won’t do you any good. You know how it leads to that mid-afternoon crash or the bloating you start to feel throughout the day.

Think about later at home when you’re trying to get ready for bed. Do you still have the energy to run around the block in 10 times when it should lights out? Insomnia is frustrating and can lead to unhealthy sleeping patterns if it continues for days on end. Ease up on the coffee at night if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

But enjoy a good cup o’ joe in the morning and stay positive throughout the day!

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