Best food pairings with coffee

Coffee gets labelled as a breakfast drink or something for after dinner. Only true diehard coffee fans know that coffee is perfect for any meal throughout the day. No longer is a cup of joe something to have with your toast in the morning or with your tiramisu after dinner. It’s time to explore other foods that make coffee its partner in crime.

Of course, most baked goods pair with coffee. We’re talkin’ your doughnuts, your cake, your bagel. It’s also great with fruits and veggies. It really is.

Fresh berries are ideal for coffee. There’s something about the tangy flavor of a blueberry or raspberry that plays off the taste of coffee. I don’t know what it is. It just works. This can be with your morning breakfast or if you have a fruit cup as a snack during the day. I recommend adding coffee into the mix for a pleasant meeting of the taste buds.

I also enjoy having bananas and peanut butter alongside a cup of coffee. The creamy peanut butter and the natural sugar in the banana create a flavor bonanza when coffee tags along. Enjoying it as a peanut butter and banana sandwich or as pancakes makes for a winning combination.

If you’re looking at adding dairy into the game, hard cheeses work with coffee. It’s not as enjoyable with softer cheeses (at least in my opinion, anyway) but a good cheddar and cup of coffee is a great snack during your break at school or work. Elsewhere, cottage cheese – arguably a soft cheese – is a wicked combo to team up with coffee. The cream of the cottage cheese ends up being like the cream you’d add to your coffee, anyway.

The fun thing about coffee is that it’s exciting to experiment with different flavor combinations. For instance, our doughnut flavor of coffee partnered with an actual doughnut is just heavenly! Don’t forget, any sort of chocolate or caramel blend goes great with – you guessed it – chocolate or caramel!



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