Buff Boy Profile - Meet Collin

Collin is the guy with a smile that won't quit. No matter what he's doing, there's a smile on his face. It could be that coffee makes him happy or he's just a positive person. Either way, we need his smile every day. Collin only recently discovered coffee and quickly became hooked. Now he's one of us!

What got you into coffee in your late 20s?
It's a funny story. I was at a wedding and the servers were filling coffee cups at our table during the reception. At first I waved it off and they didn't give me any. And then I wasn't paying attention when they came around again so they filled the cup in front of me. That's when I tried it. I figured they already poured it so it'll just go to waste if I didn't have it. I had a few sips and then I casually kept sipping it like wine and before I knew it I'd finished it.

Were you hooked after that one time?
I'm not sure if I was hooked but I didn't mind the taste. I think it was a couple more days or even weeks before I had it again. It certainly wasn't right away. Time had passed and then I guess I just had the opportunity again and I had more. It gradually became a habit. It's definitely not an addiction for me, I just like having it.

Do you have coffee at home or is it just something you have from time to time if you're out somewhere?
I have at home on the weekends. There's something about making a cup and then going outside for fresh air. It becomes a routine on weekends. I don't think much about it at work because I'm all over the place so it's one less thing to worry about forgetting somewhere.

Do you like to experiment with different flavors?
If I'm out and pass a coffee shop and catch the smell of it, I'm likely to go in and get some. I'm a sucker for different promotions or holiday flavors so if there's something on sale or for a limited time, I'll try it.

It sounds like you don't live and breathe by one particular brand or flavor.
I'd say I'm a coffee enjoy'er. I can't admit to knowing much about it but I like trying different kinds when the mood strikes. That's what's been fun about sampling the different kinds with Buff Boy -- I'm trying flavors from around the world and it's pretty cool. Maybe I'm slowly becoming addicted.

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