Buff Boy Profile - Meet Tanner

Tanner is the kind of guy that you think has already had five cups of coffee but he's naturally energetic and crazy so the caffeine only heightens his over-the-top personality. Oftentimes, if a camera is around it involves him taking off his clothes. But, hey, that's what Buff Boy Brewing Co. is all about: gettin' the mens naked! He's a perfect fit here.

How old were you when you had your first sip of coffee?
15. I heard that coffee was a good way to stay awake and I was cramming for exams so I tried it. It actually just made me feel sick and wanting to go to bed. Not a good first experience at all.

At what age did you become a regular drinker?
Of coffee or vodka? Ha ha. It was college when I used it to start my mornings. There was something about the smell in the morning while I was getting ready for school. I noticed a bunch of my classmates clutching their travel mugs as they filed in for the day. It seemed like we were all bit by the coffee bug and became very dependent on it at the same time.

Cream or milk?
Neither. Two sugar cubes, actually.

How many cups per day?
Usually three. No, maybe four. It depends on the day, I guess. On average, probably three. Definitely two before lunch and then if I'm needing a spike in the afternoon, I'll have a third. Fourth would happen at home at night if I'm needing to stay awake for something.

So, no coffee after dinner or dessert?
Not usually. I've never usually had it after a meal. It's usually something to drink throughout the day or on the go.

Would you consider yourself a coffee snob?
I don't think so. I like trying different kinds. You can make any coffee good if you add enough stuff to it.

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