Jolting java facts

Most of us know coffee as that dark drink that gets us going in the morning. Although, some of us know it as that dark drink that keeps us going in the afternoon. Sadly, it’s also known as that dark drink that keeps us up all night, too.

But there’s more to coffee than just the stimulation it gives us throughout the day. There are some pretty wild things to know about the popular beverage.

First of all, coffee beans are actually seeds. It’s true. When I started putting together product descriptions for this website, I considered using the word “seeds” but without educating everyone about that fact, you’d think I was weird for selling coffee seeds. In recent generations, they’ve been referred to as beans because of their resemblance to legumes. Back in the day, they were viewed as seeds.

When most people think of coffee’s origins or deep-rooted history, they think of Colombia. It’s true, the South American country is known for its coffee production but it’s my homeland of Brasil that grows the most coffee in the world. That’s why I fell in love with it and started Buff Boy Brewing Co.!

Over in the U.S., there are only two states that have the ideal climate for coffee growing: California and Hawaii. And, across the pond, it’s Finland that boasts people who consume the most coffee in a year. It’s reported that the average Finn uses over 27 lb. of coffee each year, compared to 11 lb. in the U.S.

Also, as someone who cares about his appearance and loves being pretty, I’ve come to incorporate coffee grounds into my skin care regimen. Seriously. Coffee grounds are wonderful for exfoliation. Give it a try – especially if you order one of our roasts! Don’t chuck the grounds. Keep ’em and use ’em at the bathroom sink or in the tub. They work wonders for giving you a clean and smooth face. It might sound gross but give it a shot and you’ll thank me later!

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